The Minutes of the previous meeting (June 2012)


Members were reminded that the Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions - Equal Opportunities (race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status & any disability); Crime & Disorder, Health & Safety and Human Rights.
Jessica Vale, Parish Clerk


Robin Carpenter (Chairman), Peter Bysouth, David Beckley, Keith Blackwell, Vanessa May, Bill Turner, Malcolm White, Gina Seaton (District Councillor), and Cathy Bakewell (District and County Councillor).


Jessica Vale (Parish Clerk) and one member of the public.

Before the meeting commenced there was an opportunity for the public to speak.

    Apologies received from Rob Lloyd, Highways Representative.
  2. MINUTES OF MEETINGS HELD ON 19th June 2012 (Already Circulated).
    1. The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record of the meeting.
    Bill Turner and Robin Carpenter both declared a prejudicial interest in item 7a.
    Highways Representative: Neil Dyer, by agreement with Rob Lloyd, has offered to become Highways Representative for the Parish. It was proposed by Robin Carpenter, seconded by David Beckley and AGREED by show of hands that Neil Dyer be elected to this role.
    1. Item 7a. The Clerk reported that she had received a copy of further correspondence between County Councillor Cathy Bakewell and Somerset Highways about the bad state of the road drains at Primrose Hill, which confirmed the delayed programme for clearing previously notified to the Parish Council.
    2. Item 14bi. The Clerk had been contacted by the District Council’s Empty Property Officer Emma Baker who is located in the Environmental Health Section, but the Council’s query had not been directly answered, and the status of some empty properties in Hardington remains uncertain.
    Cathy Bakewell reported that she has been to a conference to learn more about current interpretation of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) in respect of listed buildings. The new document is much more concise than the previous one. She has also attended District council workshops on the new arrangements for Council Tax Benefit, Neighbourhood Plans, and economic development. She told the Council about a new County Council scheme whereby each councillor can award up to £10,000 towards Health and Wellbeing within their ward, within the next 6 months, subject to projects meeting at least one of 3 criteria, which are:
    • Families and communities take on responsibility for their own health and wellbeing,
    • Families and communities are thriving and resilient,
    • Somerset people are able to live independently for as long as possible. Funding must be a minimum of £500.

    Gina Seaton reported that SSDC has published plans for the development of 800 new homes and infrastructure to the north-east of Yeovil. She also provided paper copies of forms which can be completed by members of the public to comment on legal compliance of the Proposed Submission South Somerset Local Plan, currently available for public consultation. Clerk to make these available to the public.

    Robin Carpenter and Bill Turner left the meeting and Peter Bysouth took the Chair.
    1. Planning Application received. App no. 12/02396/FUL Mr W Turner, erection of agricultural worker’s dwelling (as well as that approved under 11/02843/OUT) Lime Kiln Farm, Broad Hill, Hardington Mandeville. There were no objections.
      Robin Carpenter and Bill Turner returned to the meeting. Robin Carpenter resumed the Chair.
    2. Any planning applications received after publication of the agenda. There were none.
    3. Results of previous applications. The approval of App no. 12/01834/FUL erection of building for livestock at Brooksfield, Lyatts Hill for Mr R Brooks was noted.
    4. Results of previous applications received since publication of the agenda. There were none.
    1. Report from Highways Representative; Neil Dyer introduced himself to the meeting. He will carry on with the issues inherited from Rob Lloyd; these are Primrose Hill drains, possible subsidence in one side of Lyatts Lane by the gabions at the north end, and bad potholes in Old Track. He has set up a new email address whereby electors and the County Council can contact him:
    2. Councillors reported to Neil Dyer that there is a dangerous spot in North Lane/Black House Lane on the last corner south of the lower entrance to the nature conservation area – the road is falling into the ditch. Clerk and Highways representative to pursue the matter urgently with County Highways. It was also reported that trees in the front garden of Highcroft in High Street are obstructing high-sided vehicles; Clerk to write to the resident to ask for trees to be trimmed.
    3. In view of the continuing drains problem at Primrose Hill, the Clerk was instructed to write to County Highways to ask whether the Parish Council could bring in a private contractor to get the drains cleared sooner.
    4. Drains from North Lane to Chinnock Brook; drains on west side across farmland are still blocked; Clerk to write to the farmers concerned to ensure that they are aware that clearance is their responsibility.
    1. Minutes of the Recreation Space committee’s meeting held on Monday 25th June were distributed, and a financial update provided. The field was inspected by the judges of Yeovil in Bloom on the 9th of July. It was AGREED that a metal sign should be obtained for the car park to indicate that cars are parked at owner’s risk. The sign placed by the special oak tree has been damaged but is under repair and will return shortly. Robin Carpenter is carrying out a weekly inspection of facilities as required. Ernest Kong is sourcing some seating to place around the site.
    2. It was proposed by Vanessa May, seconded by Peter Bysouth and RESOLVED to place an order with Playdale Playgrounds Ltd for playground structures, and to pay their invoice for £7692.18 (incl. VAT) as deposit for this. It was further agreed to reduce the overall cost as suggested by Playdale, by retaining the topsoil resulting from the works for future use on the site. Playdale have given a provisional start date of 13th August.
    3. The Council considered drawings and an estimate provided by Toy Barn to the Chairman for a climbing tower for the Field; it was felt that this would provide a feature more suited to the abilities of younger children than the other structures already planned. The funds available to the Council at present do not quite cover the cost for this (£5751), although it would be desirable to get it in place for the summer. The Chairman to find out what length of warranty Toy Barn would offer on the structure and base safety matting, and whether another supplier could provide the same at lower cost. It was AGREED that the Clerk could place an order with Toy Barn subject to satisfactory duration of guarantee of the product.
    1. New Model Code of Conduct for Councillors. Adoption of a new Code is required under the Localism Act but there is no prescribed format, and the Clerk awaits news from SSDC as to the model of Code they will decide to adopt. It was AGREED that the Parish Council will pay £20 for Peter Bysouth to attend a training event being held by the Somerset Association of Local Councils (SALC) on the 20th of August.
    2. It was proposed by Robin Carpenter, seconded by Peter Bysouth and RESOLVED that the new form of Declaration of Acceptance of Office be adopted for signing by all new Parish Councillors/Chairmen hereafter.
    3. New form of Standing Orders for Parish Councillors; the Clerk had received draft versions from SALC and SSDC, and these were passed to Peter Bysouth as he offered to look further at them in time for the next meeting.
    1. Bank Reconciliation for April – June 2012 was AGREED and signed.
    2. Budget Analysis presented by the Clerk was ACCEPTED but the Clerk was asked to provide more comparative information in future.
    3. It was proposed by Keith Blackwell, seconded by Robin Carpenter and RESOLVED that the names of all former Parish Councillors and a former Clerk who still appear as signatories to the Parish Council’s accounts on the Bank’s version of the mandate be added to the list of names to be removed from the list of signatories, on the form provided by the Bank for that purpose.
    4. The Clerk’s hours for June (34.75) were CONFIRMED as presented.
    5. It was proposed by Peter Bysouth, seconded by Vanessa May and RESOLVED to pay the Clerk’s salary and expenses for April – June 2012 as submitted £1016.38. It was further proposed by Peter Bysouth, seconded by Vanessa May and RESOLVED to pay HMRC £77.20 in respect of PAYE for the Clerk.
    6. The Clerk reported successful conclusion of audit, with a comment from the auditors that they preferred to see the Council’s assets valued at historical cost. It was proposed by Robin Carpenter, seconded by Keith Blackwell and RESOLVED to pay the auditors’ invoice amounting to £342 inclusive of VAT.
    1. Robin Carpenter reported that crops previously reported as sown over two footpaths were now being seen to.
    1. a) June’s work; was carried out as requested.
    2. b) Work for July;
      1. i) strim area around seat at Rudgy Hill (Pendomer Road)
      2. ii) clear drains in Penn Lane
      3. iii) repair Parish noticeboard doors at Hardington Marsh
      4. iv) remove debris from drains in partway Lane and from ditch from Partway Lane to sewage works
      5. v) with voluntary assistance, look again to clear the drains in Primrose Hill.
    1. Correspondence to be circulated was provided by the Clerk.
    2. Correspondence received;
      1. Notice of MP’s forthcoming visit to Hardington was noted; Councillors considered raising Highways maintenance matters.
      2. Questionnaire for Local Youth Work Project; passed to Robin Carpenter and Clerk to forward the original email to him.
      3. Somerset County Council Awards for Community Service; it was proposed by Robin Carpenter, seconded by Vanessa May and AGREED that a villager be nominated for outstanding generosity to the village. Clerk to forward the nomination form which Robin had completed.
    1. Chairman; none
    2. Councillors; nothing to report
    3. Clerk;
      1. Following up the actions required of the Parish Plan, with the Localism Act now in place, the Clerk asked whether the Council wishes to bring Affordable Housing back to the agenda. She was instructed to find out some more, in particular whether the Parish Council could initiate a scheme for housing local people.
      2. Parish Council archive; data on floppy disks from the Clerk’s filing cabinet needs to be copied onto CDs or the disks thrown away. Peter Bysouth kindly agreed to do the copying. Disks to then be destroyed.
    The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday the 21st of August 2012 at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall. The meeting closed at 9.15 p.m.